Nutritional Healing

Incorporate whole foods into your daily life!

Get a Custom Exercise Program Unique to Your Needs & Limitations

Reduce Stress & Enjoy Life!

Uncover Food Sensitivities & Food Allergies

Learn to cook for a healthier you!

Health Coaching & Integrative Nutrition


Do you have any of the following symptoms or conditions?

  • IBS
  • Celiac Disease
  • Stubborn weight gain

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive system?
Do you have a leaky gut??

Have you been to doctor after doctor with no results? Are you frustrated and don't know where to turn?  Then you are in the right place. At IGNITE HEALTHY LIVING we will lead you step by step towards to the healthiest you.

Here's how.......................

Nutritional Healing through diet and exercise.

  • Uncover Food Sensitivities
  • Discover foods that could be wreaking havoc on your health
  • Learn how to transition to a clean eating lifestyle one step at a time

Improve your lifestyle

  • Transition to a diet and lifestyle individualized for you, whether it be gluten free, vegetarian, paleo or a combination
  • Learn skills, strategies and techniques to reduce daily stress and enjoy life more
  • Learn about the connection between lifestyle, relationships, career and exercise

Receive an individualized food program

  • Learn how to identify what foods could be causing you undesired symptoms such as: fatigue, headaches, stomach discomfort and those unwanted trips to the bathroom
  • Learn clarity around what is a good choice of food for you or learn the best foods for you
  • Empower yourself by making the choices to live symptom free

Understand the Psychology behind your habits

  • Gain a deeper understanding and connections to knowing you are not alone in having these issues
  • Delve into/explore the why of the way you eat and make lasting changing that will lead to vibrant health
  • Explore your relationship with food and make simple changes that make lasting results

Learn to food shop and cook for a healthier you

  • Knowing how to efficiently shop, prepare and cook foods that help you thrive
  • Incorporate natural, whole foods into your daily living
  • Learn simple techniques and skills to help you cook more.